Marketing is a huge industry, crowded with conflicting approaches and potential perspectives. If there’s one thing that all marketers can agree on, however, it’s that data is absolutely critical.

Without data, it’s impossible to accurately determine what customers want, how they perceive the current advertising, and what can be done to improve that response. Without data, marketing is just professional guesswork, random and ineffective.

That’s why you need instant access to all of your marketing data in one place. Optix, a digital marketing and reporting dashboard tool, is the single best way to achieve that.

There’s a wealth of digital reporting dashboard tools on the market, each claiming to be the definitive solution. In this crowded marketplace, however, one analytics platform stands markedly above the others.

Developed by Vantage Labs, Optix is a dashboard tool that collects multiple data sources for convenient client reporting. Amidst the cacophony of sales pitches, what makes this one so different? Why should a savvy marketer choose Optix over its clamoring competitors?

Here are 4 features that define Optix as the ultimate digital marketing dashboard tool.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are closely intertwined. Both are vital to a website’s success.

Regardless of the company’s industry, statistics show that UX/UI is inescapably important for your corporate website. According to Intechnic, the return on investment for UX is an astounding 9,900 percent. Effective UI can increase conversion rates by up to 200 percent, and UX by up to 400 percent.1

Similarly, the cost of poorly designed UX/UI is steep: 70 percent of customers abandon purchases due to a lackluster user experience, and 91 percent of those who don’t complain will simply leave your website (and product) without a second glance. Thirteen percent of those non-complainers will go on to tell at least 15 more people about their negative experience.1

What’s a concerned digital marketer to do about UX/UI? Optix offers the solution.

Tracking users’ interactions with your website can be an exhausting endeavor—even more so when compiling disparate data sources into a single report.

Thankfully, there’s Optix: cutting-edge dashboard software that easily combines multiple data sources. That means easy access to at-a-glance updates in real time. In addition, Optix optionally enables client reporting through a white label reporting dashboard.

Optix is the ultimate digital marketing dashboard tool. Here are three reasons why using Optix will improve your UX/UI.

Marketing managers have a wealth of important responsibilities. Aggregating and presenting analytics data is especially important, but regardless of how dedicated the manager may be, analytics reports are immensely time-consuming.

That’s why Optix is the ideal digital reporting dashboard solution. Rather than requiring a single person to manually combine disparate data for client reporting, it provides an inviting visual interface that easily transforms into a finished client report.

Optix aggregates multiple data sources in a single dashboard, easily switches between different date ranges, and tracks user journey in a visually comprehensible format. Its dashboards are ideal for both Google SMB businesses and larger corporations or agencies.

If you’re a marketing manager with limited time to build digital marketing dashboards, Optix is the perfect tool for organizing your data.

Here are some of the features that distinguish Optix as the best management dashboard on the market.

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