Improve Page Rank By Changing The Way You Think About Search

The way Google and other search engines return search results for users has dramatically shifted in the past few years. In the early days of search, filling content with keywords was the best way to improve your page rank. Now, Google’s algorithms are much more advanced. Read on to learn how to boost your organic traffic.

Improving page rank is a complex science that often requires a dedicated SEO specialist or SEO team. You should also consider hiring content writers to work with an SEO specialist, or else outsourcing these functions.

Without a professional’s experience and expertise, your content marketing efforts will likely be ineffective because SEO strategy is constantly evolving. Few marketers have time to learn SEO in depth, which is why dedicated content marketers are so valuable.

That being said, let’s touch on the most important factor affecting page rank today. Is your content a valuable, high-quality answer to users’ search queries?

Answer Users’ Search Questions

Alexa, Siri, and other such technologies along with Google’s answer boxes are changing the way users interact with search engines. Data from Jumpshot shows that around 8% of search queries today are phrased as questions. And that number is expected to rise.

By 2020, 30% of search is projected to be voice-conducted. That means users will often ask Alexa and Siri questions instead of inputting keywords.

In order to rank highly on Google, your content must be informative in the sense that it answers a question. This is the key to increasing organic traffic.

The content must be high quality so that users stay on your page to read the answer to the question. And ideally, the expertise you establish should encourage users to learn more about your company by clicking to another page on your site or converting on a value offer.

You can use a marketing reporting tool like Optix to track how your keywords are performing and optimize your content. If you’re performing poorly on a certain keyword, try to establish the intent behind the users’ search.

Then, if your content is not answering the question users have when they search for that term, alter your content until it does. This is the key to continuously improve your content for search.

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