How To Drive Engagement Across All Of Your Social Platforms

Growing your social media following is all about engaging your audience with consistent, valuable content. You should always practice quality over quantity. Read on to learn how to improve your social media metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Quality posts will depend on your understanding of your audience. Before any social media campaign, develop at least one marketing persona. You need to know what this person's likes and dislikes are, what questions they have, and what problem your solution helps them solve.

It's also helpful to have a general picture of what age (and sometimes, gender) your audience is.

You're not limited to one marketing persona, so create as many as you need to in order to describe the types of customers you deal with.

Then, create social media posts that will resonate with these personas. You can target personas with the content of your posts, the language you use, images, and even the time of day you post.

Curate Content And Target Communities Within Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

You don’t have to always post links to your own content on social media. 

In fact, it’s best to engage within your community by sharing content that’s informative and captivating, whether it’s written by your company or by other community members.

You can reach out to communities that may be interested in your product by following industry leaders. Comment on their posts and on their followers’ posts with helpful questions or tips.

If someone posts a question within your company’s sphere of expertise, answer it! With strong effort, you’ll have built up a solid following.

Build On Successes

Once you have a following, hold on to it through personalized content and interaction. Set a social media calendar and stick with it so users can always find something interesting on your pages. Then, engage off the calendar by liking or responding to your followers’ posts.

A reporting tool like Optix can help you optimize your social media campaigns by showing how your efforts fit within the user journey.

Aggregate Social Media Metrics

You can't make targeted changes to your social media strategy without having a clear picture of overall performance. Diving too deep into the specifics of one Facebook campaign may cause your team to overlook trends across all of your platforms.

By aggregating your social media metrics, you keep everyone on your marketing team on the same page. For example, social media specialists can point to their success in community growth or engagement overall rather than having to defend a single tweet that didn't perform well.

Optix aggregates all of your social media metrics to show how many likes, follows, shares, and comments you received across all of your social channels. With a clear view into all your social media metrics, you can improve your social media marketing over time to more effectively capture audiences and grow your following. To learn more about Optix, visit

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