Writing social media posts that don’t reach your intended audience can feel like shouting into an empty auditorium. Analyzing your social media data and making targeted changes can help.

Depending on how familiar you are with optimization tactics, you may or may not have pinpointed the social media marketing metrics that matter to your company.

For example, should you be more interested in getting Facebook comments where you can respond to customer questions or retweets that grow your brand reach? The answer depends on your social media strategy.

Hiring a social media strategist or outsourcing your social media plan to an agency are the two best ways to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels when you write social posts.

However, one bit of wisdom you can implement today is this: You must understand your overall social media performance before you can tweak tactics on a granular level.

Want to know what metrics to measure in social media to boost overall performance? Learn how aggregating the following data points can help you meet your marketing goals.

Many marketers are familiar with what the user journey is, but they don’t know how to track it properly. In order to optimize the user journey and make effective changes that increase revenue, you must have clear visibility into all of your user journey metrics.

The user journey can take place on a single website page, as readers move down the page through awareness, consideration, and decision stages. Or, it can take place across entire marketing campaigns.

Before diving into individual channels as part of the user journey, let’s learn first about how to track the user journey in general and market effectively.

In user journey marketing, a converted customer is the ultimate success. But in order to get prospects to move from awareness to decision on your website, you have to think differently about your goal. Instead of forcing users down a path that doesn’t address their questions and problems, you should help them achieve their goals as well as yours.

To do so, you have to understand what motivates your prospects. Here's a new way of thinking about creating user journey paths.

Growing your social media following is all about engaging your audience with consistent, valuable content. You should always practice quality over quantity. Read on to learn how to improve your social media metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Quality posts will depend on your understanding of your audience. Before any social media campaign, develop at least one marketing persona. You need to know what this person's likes and dislikes are, what questions they have, and what problem your solution helps them solve.

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