Data is the backbone of successful digital marketing. Without data, it’s impossible to see if your marketing efforts are succeeding or what you can do to improve.

The only thing better than data about what’s already happened is data about what’s happening right now.

That’s what real-time analytics is all about.

Optix collects multiple data sources on single dashboards for a comprehensive view of your digital marketing. Most importantly, it does that all in real time.

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No matter what product or service your business provides, analytics are crucial for success. From social media to email, from your website to pay-per-click ads, insightful analytics help you to organically engage your customers.

To fully unlock analytics’ potential, however, you need a bird’s eye view of every source. That’s where Optix’s social media dashboards come in, combining multiple data sources for easy client reporting.

With Optix, you can effortlessly see how your overall marketing strategy directs customers through your marketing and sales funnel. It’s the perfect dashboard tool for both large corporations and Google SMB businesses. Best of all, Optix includes straightforward templates for every type of analytics, so even a new user can leverage the software’s full potential.

Online activity occurs in a constant, stunning rush. Every minute on the Internet encompasses over 3 million search engine queries, over a million Facebook logins, over 33 million emails clicked, and over 800 million dollars spent on ecommerce websites.

Given the perpetual flow of incoming data, marketers have two key problems. First, they need to track information from a vast number of sources; and second, they need to distill that information into a comprehensible format.

As the best digital marketing dashboard tool on the market, Optix tackles both of these issues head-on.

In 2020, understanding the user journey is essential to successfully capturing customers in the digital marketing space. Optix, an intuitive digital marketing dashboard with advanced capabilities, helps you to see all of your user journey metrics in one place without mashing data from multiple platforms.

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